Mirror, Mirror


This is my cat.  She spends a great percentage of her time admiring the cat in the mirror.  I am not absolutely sure whether she knows she is admiring herself, but I do think she does know because she is a very smart kitty.  She has been doing this mirroring for most of her life, and like me, I think she now wonders where all that white fur (in her case) came from, seemingly overnight.

The cat first discovered herself when she was just a kitten and was helping me work a yard sale in our driveway.  I had set the mirror out so that people could try on hats and clothes, but somehow it ended up leaning against the outside of the house, at ground level.  At some point, I noticed some people stopping to smile in that vicinity and discovered the little cat in meatloaf pose in front of the mirror.  She had apparently been there for some little time, as she had gathered a crowd to admire her admiring herself.  From her demeanor, it was clear that she felt that the crowd was her due, because she was certainly the most beautiful of all–that no one could deny.  She stayed in front of the mirror for a very long time, and when a buyer asked to purchase the mirror, she (the cat) gave me one of those cat looks that all cat people know means “you wouldn’t dare”.

So since that long-ago day, the cat’s mirror has leaned against one wall or another, and the cat can very often be found sitting or lying in front of it entranced by the beauty of the cat in the mirror, purring.  You can often find me sitting on a nearby chair entranced by the beauty of both of the cats, one of whom is purring and both of whom, of course, are ignoring me entirely.


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