Must I Wash?

OK, so here is the problem.  In winter or during cold weather, I like to wear corduroy pants and flannel shirts to keep a bit warm.  The issue is that eventually these things seem to want to be washed.  So, ever so reluctantly, into the machine they go.  The shirts are not too bad–I buy them larger than I need and let them shrink to their hearts’ desires.  However, the pants are another story.  I don’t want to buy them really large because it would make me feel  large.  So I buy them to actually fit me.  But then, when washed and dried, I am shrink-wrapped in corduroy until they stretch themselves out again.  Somewhat embarrassing for an older lady to be walking around in really skinny pants (however, if you have not watched the You-Tube video “Older Ladies” by Donnalou Stevens, I do recommend it).

So, to wash or not?  In summer it would not be a problem, because I line-dry stuff in summer, but this is a winter problem, and even inside, it would take a long time to line-dry heavy corduroy pants.  My solution so far to being shrink-wrapped is to wear a long coat for the first few wears as a cover-up.  Today, however, I decided to go for it.  I put on the pants (there must be an easy way to get into skinny pants, but I’ve no idea how) and went out to my local and said (without saying a word), “too bad if you think I’m too old for this” and enjoyed the heck out of it.

Wash, then wear.  That’s the answer.


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