Little Things

Sometimes, the old sayings seem new again.  The one I am thinking of now is “it’s the little things that count”.  This little saying never really meant much to me, but a thing happened today that caused me to give it a bit of thought.  Which means, of course, that you also can give it a thought.

Little things.  Things like finding a whisker that my cat shed (I collect them and have done since Sister Dear mentioned that she kept her cat’s whiskers and I loved the idea).  They can be found in places you might expect–the spot where she likes to nap, for instance–but occasionally, I come across one in a spot where I would not have thought she would have been.  That’s a little thing that counts.

It’s not just the good little things that count, though.  The bad little things also count, because they provide a wake-up or provoke a re-think.  You hear someone berating a small child, or see a dog being mishandled, and it makes you re-interpret the person and relationships and noticing the weak and the strong in people.  Those are little things that count.

It’s been a harsh winter for me, long periods of snow and cold that are not quite the norm around here, then rain, a bit of sun to bring an optimistic state of mind, but that doesn’t last. Today though, a little thing happened.  I was walking up my driveway and I saw crocus buds in the small garden.  That counts.  As does the smile that sprang to life when I saw them.

Let the little things count.


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