Water, water


Ah, the sound of water.  Soothing, yes?  And the smell of wet wood.  Lovely, yes?

I kept hearing these drips.  Then I caught the scent of wet wood.  Then I saw the stain growing on the ceiling, day by day.  Looking out the window, I noted that it was raining, and the rain was melting the snow that was leftover from winter.  Back and forth I looked, at the stain, at the rain.  Listening and sniffing.

Then, of course, it was up into the attic.  No small venture (well, small yes, but in a different way).  The people who built my house way back in the when put the attic access in my closet.  Fine, wonderful, all hidden but accessible.  Right?  Yes, until they also decided to put in the whole closet shelf build-in ensemble.  That basically reduced the hole in the closet ceiling to the size of a small child.  I am not that small.

But there I went, dragging in my ladder and propping it up.  Got the hammer.  Got the flashlight.  Got a nail or two and a piece of wood, just in case this was going to be that easy.  Put on the going-into-the-dark-dusty-awful-attic attire, put the hat on (I had just washed my hair) and some gloves, and slithered up and in.  So the bedroom closet is at the other end of the house from the drip, and that meant crawling along the whatchamacallits (joists?) and down a sloping whatchie (truss?) over to the chimney.  Realized at that point that I had forgotten to put on a mask, so I was breathing decades of dust and shedding insulation.  Yuck.  Let’s get this thing going!  Tiptoed over to the chimney, looked up, and saw sky.  That can’t be good.  Especially since I had paid a guy last year to put on some flashing around the chimney so that the sky would not be seen from inside.  Felt along the insulation and noted that it was good and wet.  OK.  Hammer, nail, and piece of wood was not going to solve this particular problem.  Off I go, back to the attic access, trying not to breathe.

So, I had made a promise that I would not get up on the roof.  The only available alternative is to call a roofing contractor and get the flashing redone.  Turns out that because we had a pretty bad winter, the roofing contractors are too busy to do small repair jobs.  Called a home re-modeler repair guy, and he came out and said the flashing needs to be replaced (I knew that).  Told me his price and I said yep.  He’ll be out next week to fix the thing.  Meantime, it has been raining like crazy.  A friend said I should get back up to the attic and set up a box fan to blow stuff around and dry it all out, like NOW.  But heck, that would mean going back up there again.  Then the sun came out and I decided to take a nap.

Of course, as I dreamed, I could hear the drip…..drip..drip, and smell the wet wood.


One thought on “Water, water

  1. Yeah, but the sun came out out _there_, and all the damp is in _here_, and you still need to do the box fan thing. And it doesn’t need to be down at the far end. Set it up next to the access way and point it in the right direction. Not as good, but better than nothing.

    And if you can actually see sky, I’d recommend stuffing _something_ in there, like a couple of plastic bags, to keep the rain and the owls out.

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