It Doesn’t Care

Oh my.  I was sort of watching the Charlie Rose show as I worked a crossword puzzle a couple of weeks ago.  Charlie was interviewing Danny Boyle (Director), who said “Time doesn’t care about you.”  Oh, wow!  For someone like me, who cares a whole bunch about time, that statement was a shock-and-awer, a wake-up call, a slap in the face. When I came back to earth and had picked up my dropped newspaper crossword, sopped up the spilled water, and calmed the poor cat (who had been snoring next to me on the couch), I turned off the TV’s sound and gave the matter a bit of thought.

As it happened, the more I thought about it, rather than just reacting to it, the greater my realization that what Mr. Boyle said was quite true, a description of reality.  Time passes, and as it goes by, it spares not a glance at me and my continuously sagging skin and gradually (hopefully) declining mental capacities.  Time just keeps going, and it doesn’t care if I am concerned that it is moving backwards instead of forwards, or at a faster or a slower pace.  I could say that time is focused entirely on its path and no action of mine is going to move it away from that path.  Of course, that is not the same thing as saying that time doesn’t care, but in the end, the distinction does not matter.

The question then is, WHY doesn’t time care?  My response is:  I haven’t a clue, and as a matter of fact, I really don’t care.  I will continue to care about time, because caring about time is something that I enjoy.  No need to care back.  As we said back in the when, “peace and love”, or “live long and prosper”.  Your choice, time permitting.


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