Sometimes it just is not difficult to get a laugh.  Often I just say or do things and it turns out to get a laugh in response.  Often, too, I am not at all sure what was funny.  But, oh well, it’s nice to make someone happy, just one someone if that’s the best I can do.

So yesterday, I went to my local with my current paperback book–a pretty good fantasy–and the barista was absolutely overjoyed to see the book.  She said happily that this was her absolute favorite author and it was just wonderful to see someone else reading the book.  Make someone happy–even by accident.

Tonight, chatting online, I mentioned that I had baked a cinnamon bread today from a new recipe that used oil rather than butter.  I usually bake Amish cinnamon bread because it is easy, and delightfully tasty and light.  But I only had frozen butter and I was impatient to get a treat, so the new recipe came out.  So I went on to mention that I thought the new recipe produced a bread that was too heavy.  Also, however, that I wasn’t really sure about that because I had not yet cut a slice to eat.  So her question was, how do I know the bread is heavy if I have not yet had any.  My answer was that I tasted a crumb and the crumb was heavy.

We ended our conversation a few hours ago, and I think she is still laughing.


One thought on “Crumbs

  1. What book? What author? When you bake Amish cinnamon bread do you have to start a wood fire in your oven, or just use Amish cinnamon?

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