The Male Mind?

What with the new apparent fad of unisex rest rooms in many coffee shops and eateries, I have returned to questioning the mental prowess of males.  They seem to be able to learn to lift the seat, but the ability to lower the seat to its original location seems to be beyond their ability.  (I won’t even mention the fact that so very many men seem to be unable to hit the spot, rest room wise.)

Having spent a good part of my life with an architect (male), and therefore knowing for a fact that men do not have a clue about the difference in time it takes for a woman versus a man to complete the business for which one went to the rest room because male architects have never in their entire history been able to figure out that women need more facilities than do men, I for one am happy that rest rooms are becoming unisex.  It means that I don’t have to wait and wait and wait for the lady to finish her business, all the while knowing that the “men’s room” is and has been vacant throughout.  But come on, guys, figure it out!  Seat goes up, take aim, then the seat comes back down.  How hard can that be?

Could some genius come up with an automatic upper/downer?


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