Flower Moon

So the Flower Moon is out tonight, and it is really gorgeous.  I could weed by its light. Which is why I think the flower moon ought to have been named the Weed Moon.  Yes, my flowers are flowering, or at least some of them are, but a whole ton more weeds are weeding than flowers flowering.  I almost missed my tee time today, because I started doing just a little weeding and ended up trying to finish the whole back yard.

I don’t mind weeding, really.  It is like ironing–you don’t really have to think about what you are doing as long as you keep moving.  So I set about solving all of the problems of the world, except the big ones:  why I can’t break 100, or finish a knitting project, or put away chocolate forever.

Enjoy the Flower Moon!  Before you know it we’ll be looking at the Frost Moon.


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