Steam rises from wood

as the sun burns away frost,

warming the cold air.



The daily word today was “anachronism”, and I suddenly knew something about myself!  I am a person out of time.  I live in the future because I can imagine various me’s in different futures.  I live in the past because I have many many seemingly contradictory memories of who I have been.  I live in the present only to the extent that sometimes I wake up and I live a new me that might (in some rather long shot possibility) fit within current time.

This is really quite wonderful!  Lovely not to be stuck in my same old, same old–unless I choose to do so–in which case it is not a matter of being stuck.  This newly discovered freedom to be who and when and what I choose to be opens possibilities for adventures that will turn imagination into reality, however briefly.

Try it! Become an anachronism for a minute or two.