Visited my local recently and chatted with a gentleman who is also often there for a cuppa.  He was wearing a super-looking plaid jacket, and I complimented him on his sartorial taste.  He said, “oh this–this old thing is probably ten years old!”.  I had to laugh. Ten year-old clothing is not old, it is almost brand-new.

When I returned to my closet, I looked at the clothing hanging in there.  I doubt if there is anything less than about five years old, and most is probably ten to twenty (or more) years old.  I consider these clothes to be old friends, always there when needed.  My tendency is to purchase a something I like and then not wear it for several years so as not to ruin it too early by too much wearing.  Luckily, my weight has not changed overmuch so mostly everything still fits when it becomes time to pull it out of the closet.

Recently, though, I have been systematically taking things out piece by piece and wearing them (usually to the local) to see if I still like them after all these years.  And, under my sister’s relentless scrutiny of my closet, giving away those pieces that were mistakes in the first place or don’t fit as they should, or don’t fit my color preferences at this stage of my life (now is the time for purple, after all).

The point being that old is relative, and ten measly years is definitely not old for clothing.