Clouds race each other

across a sky turning gray

and become a storm.


The Nose Knows

The phrase “no one knows what the Nose knows” has a bit of history in my family and is a phrase that is probably best forgotten.  However, today as I was out walking, I saw something that brought the phrase to mind.  So, apologies to the old Nose, here is the story–today’s version of what the Nose knows.

So here comes this gorgeous black and white mid-size dog, walking proudly down the sidewalk, with her human in tow.  The dog held her head high and sniffed the air to be sure all was well as she led her butler down the road (yes, I know this was not a cat, but I think dogs have butlers too).  She was clearly the Nose, and rather proud of it.  People moved out of her way as she strutted along confident that she had everything under control.  The Nose knew exactly who she was and where she was going.  It was truly a sight to behold.

So pardon me, my family, but the Nose today brought smiles and fond remembrance of phrases gone by.

The Eternal Present

In  a novel I read recently (Children of God, by Mary Doria Russell), I came across this statement by one of the characters:  “live in the eternal present–triumph over time”.  It made me stop reading and think again about time.  I have, in the past, commented that by living in the present moment, there is no past and no future (at least I think I have made that comment).  But it never occurred to me that such an eternal present can be thought of as a triumph over time itself.

It does raise a question:  do we really want to triumph over time?  Without a future to consider, would there be a need for imagination?  Without a past to consider, would there be a need for reconciliation?  Truly, time would be an unnecessary concept if we all simply lived in the now–but we give up ourselves by so doing.  With no past, there is no memory.  With no memory, how do we know who we are (or is that even important)?  I think life would be as nothing in that eternal present, however easy it might seem to slip into it and not be concerned about anything but now.

Definitely it is “time” to reconsider time.  Eternally.