Those Propellers

Out walking again today, a bit cold and a bit windy, which made me want to increase my speed somewhat.  Some of you may recall my propeller epiphany, in which I discovered that my beautiful toes are actually propellers that enhance the walking experience quite a lot.  Well, today I discovered a way to greatly improve the efficiency of the toes in their role as propellers.  It turns out that the longer the stride, the more the toe is involved in pushing me forward, and therefore the less the rest of me has to work to get a good clip going.  I walked much faster and with far less effort!  And stayed warmer.

Now, I am going to try to find some toe exercises to make my lovelies even more efficient in this walking thing.  I really must have the toes in primo propeller condition when I hit the beach this summer.  Just think of what my speed will be when my toes can dig into sand!  And, indeed, these toes were made for sand.  To work!



Young dreams forgotten

and old dreams impossible,

all lived in a life.

Turn Around?

I have just a small bit of advice for you today.  Don’t turn around.  I have discovered that each time I turn around, it is tomorrow.  I cannot seem to stay in today.  Actually, just a blink will take me from today into tomorrow.  Do you know how difficult it can be to avoid turnarounds or blinking?

You might start worrying that I have lost more than a day, but no, I am just suddenly very much aware of how quickly time is moving on around me.  That is what happens, I think, when one is busy.  One forgets to pay attention to movements while enjoying a beautiful blue moon, or walking in the sun, or simply just living.  However much I tell myself that it is good to live in the moment, I fear that doing so is causing time to pass without my being aware of it.

When I have this figured out, I will turn around and let you know.


Was out walking the other morning and happened upon a pond.  Actually a reservoir, actually two reservoirs, one across the street from the other, but that’s not the story.  I shattered the peaceful morning with my hoots of laughter as I happened to look at one reservoir and saw a whole lot of upside-down ducks.  Took me a moment or three to figure out what I was seeing.  So there I was laughing, and I looked across the street to the other reservoir and there too were a whole lot of upside-down ducks.

Laughed all the way home, and tried to eat breakfast upside-down.  Ducks do it better.