Slippery white roofs

in the early morning hours

glisten in the sun.


September? Are You Sure?

People keep telling me it is September.  I quite simply do not believe them.  How could it be September when we have not even had August yet?  I know for a fact that yesterday it was July.  If this actually was September, it would be raining or something.  Leaves would be falling.  Summer would have happened.

Oh wait.  Summer did happen.  It was HOT.  Then it was smoky.  And now you say it is September?  Oh the days are dwindling down!

Seriously though.  I simply cannot recall August.  I am not particularly bothered by this, but I do hope that next year, someone will tell me when we have August, so I will not overlook it again.  At my age, overlooking a month is a serious issue.

Right now, I will simply take your word for it.  But I won’t believe you really until it rains. Or does something else September-ish.  Also, a little something about August, if you please.